Please answer the following 12 questions using the following legend.

Legend: 1=No, 2=Not really, 3=At times, 4=Most of the time, 5=Yes
01 Do you have a vision for your career, have you ever prepared a “life plan” for yourself?
02 Do you have your own personal Strength/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats analysis?
03 Do you have a career plan that is well articulated, with a precise action plan?
04 Do you know yourself well, including IQ, EQ, vocation, and personality?
05 How crisp is your elevator speech (me in 30 seconds, and why me)?
06 Are you confident your resume will secure you the interview?
07 Do you leave most interviews with the feeling that you aced it?
08 Do you know where to look to get proper research to help prepare for the interview?
09 Do you have all the techniques to network powerfully?
10 Do you know how to best leverage search firms?
11 When at the offer stage, are you confident you can negotiate the best possible offer?
12 Have you done everything in your power to maximize your chances of success?
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In terms of your assets, your ability to earn an income is second only to your health. Given that, are you investing the required minimum to captivate the right audience, to network smartly, to interview powerfully, and ultimately land the job you want.

If any one of the following is true, then our program is for you:
  • You scored below 40
  • You could use a boost in your efforts
  • You want to know everything possible about search readiness
  • You believe in leaving no stone unturned and in investigating all your options to achieve the career you want